Scar Creams and Silicone Sheets

What is a scar? A scar is a wound that has affected the body’ skin tissue and has not healed completely. Once the skin has healed it then creates a discolored patch of skin known as a scar. There are different types of scars. Scar types include: Keloid, hypertrophic, surgical, laceration, burn, pregnancy and piercing scars. Scars can also differ in color. Some are red or pink in appearance. Also, scars can become silver or white if they become fairly old. If you are affected by one of these scar types, then there is no longer a need to worry. A scar cream or a silicone sheet can help reduce the appearance of most scar types.

burn scar

Scar creams are one of the many scar management options on the market. These products can be obtained from a retail store or online. Scar creams can help smooth and fade the appearance of the scar area. There are many different types of scar creams and silicone sheets available for applications to scars.

Products may offer results (see scar cream reviews here) within a few weeks of application. Apply the product as directed in order to obtain desired results. When scars develop they can form anywhere on the body where trauma may be experienced. Some scar creams may not be intended for all skin types and scar types. Review the product package before making a purchase.

Silicone scar sheets are thinly cut sheets that are made to fit wounds based on size. However, if you do not buy the pre-cut silicone sheet package, then you can buy sheets that you cut yourself. Silicone sheets contain the ingredient silicone which has been shown to be effective on some scars. This ingredient can protect a wound from damage from environment factors while helping the healing process. Silicone sheets are flexible and durable sheets that can be worn under clothing. These sheets are typically clear, which means they are hardly noticeable. Depending on your scars location would determine if this is a good option for your needs.  See for options

Both creams and silicone sheets can help reduce the appearance of scars. It is important to review the products information on the manufacturer’s website before making a purchase. Both creams and sheets offer their individual benefits, but it is important to use products that work best for you!For more information about scar cream products and silicone scar sheets, please refer to other scar management websites.