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Aoui.org was the official site for the OUI Art Center. When translated from French to English, the OUI Center actually means the YES Art Center, which is located in Grenoble, France—featuring contemporary artwork This site (Aoui.org) is no longer affiliated with the OUI (YES) Art Center, its artists, or partners in any way shape or form.


Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite treatment options vary from year to year, as some new procedure becomes all the rage. The latest scientifically backed cellulite treatment is called Cellulaze. This cellulite treatment targets the structural issues beneath the surface of the skin that bring about cellulite. It is said to be a minimally invasive procedure that involves lasers and must be performed by a physician. This is one of the few cellulite treatment procedures that is provided by a licensed medical doctor to reduce the look of cellulite.

Most cellulite treatment programs involve topical procedures like liposuction, mesotherapy, laser treatments, chemical peels, and massage. Others not looking into a procedure or treatment may elect the use of a non-invasive topical product that can help diminish the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite creams and lotions are not considered cellulite treatments or procedures as they are not offered by a medical professional, and cannot offer total removal of cellulite. Even liposuction and other cellulite treatment regimens cannot guarantee cellulite to be totally eradicated. Cellulite treatment regimens such as, Cellulaze, involve going under the skin, so it can be rather painful and you will have to endure some down time for healing for a few weeks. The cost of this cellulite treatment is in the thousands, so you are looking at a big expense that is painful that can change the look of your cellulite about 3-4 months after the procedure and you may experience side effects such as swelling and bruising up until this time frame.

Most women prefer to avoid that and go with a cellulite cream instead. Cellulite creams come highly recommended through word of mouth. Cellulite creams and lotions can help provide dramatic visual results in just weeks if used as directed and there is no pain or mandatory healing involved. The products are simply applied twice per day to the desired areas.

When performing research for the best cellulite cream you may want to look into clinically tested products. This information helps testify that the product showed improvement with scientifically evidenced support that the product is formulated to help diminish the look of cellulite and other common traits associated.

If you have the time and money for a medical cellulite treatment, it may be worth your while, but you can skip the pain and suffering with a good cellulite cream. Cellulite creams have been shown to be a cost and time effective way of addressing those unwanted cellulite areas.


Scar Products

Keloid scar treatment can be quite the challenge, as there is no finite approach that can prove effective for all people. Doctors make attempts at keloid scar treatment with surgical procedures, steroid injections, and some use radiation, which just sounds bizarre. Some of these procedures have zero effect on certain patients, and often keloid sufferers feel nothing will work.

As with any scar, keloids form after an injury to the skin, but they can appear from simple injuries like an ear piercing or even a mosquito bite. The skin goes straight to defcon five and tries to overprotect by producing excess collagen and it winds up looking like a mass instead of a slight scar. It can keep growing if you don’t get proactive, and for some people, the average keloid scar treatment can further injure the skin and bring about another keloid in place of the one they just removed or poked at. Steroid injections may minimize the scar and definitely cut down the itching that can occur from them, but the needle penetration can become an issue. Excision in keloid scar treatment protocol is usually to harsh and nine times out of ten will result in another even larger keloid to appear in the old scar’s place. This can be beyond frustrating for the person afflicted with the keloids.

Products such as a scar cream, as reported on http://scar-creams-info.com, can address many different scar types, not just keloid scarring. Whether you obtained an injury, accident, or a surgical scar a topical scar product can be helpful in reducing the final appearance of the scar area. Some plastic surgeons and medical doctor recommend scar products to be applied as soon as the stitches or sutures have been removed and the wound or area is healed over. Application of a scar product at the first availability can dramatically help reduce the final outcome of the scar area.

Many people have a great deal of success using silicone scar products as part of their keloid scar regimen. Silicone scar products are ideal for the delicate nature of keloids and they aren’t even the least bit invasive or harmful to the skin. Topical scar products come in the form of gels or creams and are easy to purchase at online retailers.


Learn More about Stretch Marks

When you learn more about stretch marks, you’ll find that a stretch mark is – a scar. It’s a scar that is deep in the dermis below the surface of the skin as opposed to scars that form over a wound on top of the skin. Regular scars cover a wound whereas stretch mark scar are the wound. They are tears that happen once the skin is stretched at an accelerated speed beyond what it can normally tolerate. You might be surprised when you learn more about stretch marks and the kind of people they actually affect. For instance, would you think a thin teenage boy would get them? Well they can! During puberty a young boy can grow pretty much overnight in spurts that can really challenge the skin. Did you also think women getting breast implants could get stretch marks? They totally can. If you go from an A cup to a C cup in a matter of hours, that is going to take its toll on your skin, there is just no way around that. Many women don’t consider this factor when picking a cup size, and they would do well to be more pro-active.

If you want to learn more about how to get rid of stretch marks and the best stretch mark treatments, you should do some research online or simply talk with your skin care professional. The best stretch mark treatments are varied and can only do so much when you are trying to reduce the look of your stretch mark scars. As you learn more about stretch marks and how to manage their appearance, you will find many people trying to sell you products that may or may not work. Trying to determine what options may provide real results can be overwhelming but proper research can help you tie all the right information together so you can make a better informed purchasing decision.

Stretch mark options can make a difference in reducing the look of your stretch marks, so get thoroughly informed on procedures, treatments, and topical products along with pricing and what results you can expect if you want to start changing the look of your skin.


Ugly tattoo removal

Ugly tattoos are one of the most regretted beauty marking on the body you will ever have. Tattoos are meant to last a lifetime, if the right inks are used. Having an ugly tattoo can make you feel shameful and it is embarrassing. Here you will read about Tattoo Removal Methods & Best Fading Cream Reviews.

Did you spontaneously get a tattoo that you thought would be humorous your entire life? Or did you randomly pick a tattoo artist and did not take the time to look over his work? Now you’re stuck with an ugly tattoo that is not funny. Ugly tattoos are a good enough motivation to look for options that can remove them.

The only options on the market that can help remove tattoos is a treatment. Treatments for tattoo removal include: Cryosurgery, Laser, Dermabrasion, or TCA. These treatments are well-known options in the cosmetic industry. They are effective options, but some of these treatments are expensive.

Ugly tattoo removal is performed in a professional setting by those who have been trained to use specified equipment or techniques. These individuals have taken courses and received a certificate of completion to perform these treatments.

Gels that are marketed to fade the look of tattoos are not a treatment option. They are topical options that are comprised of a unique blend of ingredients and have been shown to offer visible results when used as directed. Products that contain harmful substances like TCA, Hydroquinone or other types of acids are not suggested for use. These are considered invasive options. These ingredients have the potential to burn the skin.

Products that have no known side effects are the top options on the market. Always use products that have no risk of side effects or have no connections t being harmful.
Tattoo fading product reviews can be found online. These reviews often outline products that have worked successfully or promoted harmful side effects. Reading these reviews will help break down the amount of products that can be harmful, compared to ones that do not contain harmful ingredients.

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